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Customer Care Strategy

We are committed to the delivery of a first class quality service to all our customers. We are also aware that this commitment must be the central element in our response to the increasing demands which are made on us. We have already made several improvements to our standards of customer care and we intend to continue the process on an ongoing basis.

Customer Care is a theme that runs through everything we do; it is at the heart of what we do. A service cannot be seen or touched, only experienced; it is up to all employees of the company to provide the personal touch that makes the customer comfortable.

At Comsys Software we define our approach to Customer Care as ‘putting people First’. To achieve this we must feel concern for, and interest in, our customers both internal and external. This strategy is designed to ensure that we will provide excellence in Customer Care, that we are all able to put people first, able to show interest and concern for our customers regardless of the company service that they are using. This is linked closely with the company's Comprehensive Equality Policy.

Day to day communication such as the image projected over the telephone or in letters and how we speak to our customers is critical to the way in which the company is perceived and will affect the value placed on our services.