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Financial Management Solution

Best-in-class financial solution which is ideal for SMEs. (small & medium enterprises). A fully integrated flexible user defined financial solution that was developed according to the international financial standards & complying with all local governance requirements. The solution is a quite simple and user friendly, it enables clear measures with immediate availability of all types of information from different views; whether its operation, marketing, management, or top management.

The solution does utilize the technology by using a powerful database engines that enable full control on the system and users to perform all security policies. The solution includes general ledger, budget, accounts payable, accounts receivable, cash management, inventory & purchase, sales, asset management & asset tracking, payroll and attendance. The solution provides all operational & financial standard reports in addition to the availability of user defined reporting tools built-in the system. Coming out now web reports and web services through the system, also customized reports can be executed automatically and e-mailed from the system on scheduled time plan for predefined e-mail lists.

 The solution is a quite simple and user friendly"

Key Features

Multi-level chart of accounts entry. 
Multi-level chart of cost centers entry.
Allocation of transactions on cost centers.
Budget analysis.
Automatic currency re-evaluation.
Re-carrying JVs (repeated vouchers) supported.
Overhead distribution formulas (user defined).
Automatic allocation of overheads according to formulas on account basis (user defined overhead distribution formulas).
Report generators to enable user defined financial statements and reports.
Statement of cash flow.
Unlimited 25 alpha-numeric lnventory Items coding.
Multi-evaluation for inventory (first in-first out, average cost, last sales price, last purchase price, highest purchase price, lowest purchase price).
All lnventory evaluation and sales analysis with profit margins reports.
Fully detailed clients database with full accounts receivable module.
Fully detailed suppliers database with full accounts payable module.
Fully detailed employee database, payroll, taxes and insurance.
Fully detailed fixed assets register with asset tracking module.