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Diving-Center Management Solution

MANTA (Diving-Center Management Solution) is a simple user friendly system that does not require previous computer experience from users and it fulfills all the requirements of the diving operations.

The solution enables clear measures with immediate availability of all types of information from deferent views, operation, marketing, management, and top management. The solution does utilize the technology by using a powerful database that enables full control on the system and users to perform all security polices.

“ Designed & developed specially for our clients"

The system includes the following

Pricing & Commissions:

Pricing is constant for each service / dive / course / equipment rental, according to a standard Price List.
There will be Discount Codes:
  • i.e. each discount code will act as a different price list.
  • Each Discount code will include discount percentages on different types of services (dives, packages, others, etc) and will enable special prices for certain services.
  • Also this will include clarifications for discounts whether to be given to diver or to agent.
Discount codes will be specified on agent bases.
Discounts codes also will be defined to be handled by voucher only / or / payment by diver / or / valid for both.
Discount code will define ability for refunding the voucher to the diver / or / changing the services stated on voucher (according to agent contract).
Instructors ' commissions will be defined on service bases, i.e. per course within a minimum, per Pax, 3rd dive, etc.
Guiding fees will also be defined.
Standard expenses will be coded  (i.e. entrance fees, etc.)
Boats' database, capacity, min feasible, boat expenses / rental 


  Keeping equipments full data (for each equipment), i.e. Serial number (Bar Coded), purchase price, average usage # of times (# of dives) between maintenance, estimated life time, max days if hasn't been used to be checked before going out for use.  
  Database for repairs and regular maintenance types.
  Keeping maintenance transactions for each equipment & maintenance cost.

The Counter / Financial

The counter accountant is responsible for the following:

issuing the payment requests for:
    • instructors
    • Guides
    • Boat expenses
    • External commissions

N.B. The contents will be just picked by the accountant, but all the control and calculations will be handled by the system according to their actual transactions.

 Revising divers' cards and checking travel agent vouchers, discount codes & counter cash.

Accounts Receivables

The A/R handles the following:

Issuing invoices based on vouchers (vouchers & services will be picked up according to counter transactions through the system)
Follow–up agents' payments and aging analysis
Full agents' accounts details & summary situations.
Issuing special invoices (for other branches) and to be allocated on the branch current account.
Doing corrections and adjustments on agent account

Internal Control

The system will work on system date bases, i.e. working day. 
Accordingly, actual transactions are to be revised on daily bases. 
Ability to Define credit limits for individual divers to control collections, i.e. if the diver exceeds the limit he will have to do another payment on his account even before completing his scheduled dives (OPTION)
Then doing day closing and changing the day to the following one. 
No price entry for any service on the counter system. The system will pick the price according to travel agent discount / or individual pricing. 
Ability (for a higher level user) to change prices on DIVER'S Card BUT with full log report including changes and made by whom. This report is to be printed while doing day closing.
No date entry on the counter system. The system will stamp date of the system working day. 
Also date cannot be changed backward. 
When closing the day, all financial (accounting) journal vouchers will be created automatically. 
Analyzing revenues and accrued revenues (open cards). 
Full log for users and authorities, (who do what).
There will be an End of Day Report including full information on summary (totals per service, numbers and values) for the day comparative with month to date, payments, vouchers, un-received vouchers, divers over credit limit, price changes, voided transactions (canceled), daily revenues and accrued revenues (open cards), forecast for the following day/week if required. This report is to be printed and distributed to the management every morning for the previous day. The design of this report will be discussed at a later stage to achieve the max benefit out of it according to management point of view. This report is something like the Night Report in Hotels. 


Pricing & Commissions:
    • All price Lists, Discount Percentages, Commission rates
    • Commissions and fees payments follow-up
    • Standard expenses (like entrance fees, etc.)


    • Equipments Situation, on equipment level, showing no. of times used comparative with estimated use for the equipment, income generated comparative with cost to monitor Break-Even.
    • Equipments inventory
    • Unused equipment (for X no. of days)


    • Pickup-Lists
    • Crew Lists
    • Boat Situation
    • Diver Card, Planned / Actual.
    • Daily Revenue Analysis, showing services done (no. & values) comparative with month to date
    • Monthly Revenue Analysis, showing services done (no. & values) comparative year to date & last year
    • Counter Audit Report, shows transaction (services, payments, diver… etc.)
    • Open Cards (operating) & Closed cards (period)
    • Travel Agent Vouchers
    • Un-received Vouchers
    • Agent Revenues
    • Boat Report, (line per trip) showing destination, no. of divers.
    • Course Analysis Report
    • Package Analysis
    • Lockers Situation (used by whom / Empty)
    • Price Changes Report (change on diver's card)
    • Income Trial Balance (Mancorant Summary)


Accounts Receivables:
    • Agent Account Details
    • Agent Account Summary
    • Outstanding Invoices (unpaid)
    • Agent Aging analysis
    • Agent collections


Internal Control
    • End Of Day Report (management)
    • Changes Report
    • Uncompleted Closed Cards
    • Voided Services
    • Pending Cards (closed unpaid / written-off)