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+ Training

Due to staff turnover at customers' premises, Comsys Software is always committed to provide the service of on-site training for its customers at anytime when requested to assure the full utilization of the system and to secure the customers' investments in the running solutions.

+ After Sales Support

Comsys Software believes in the importance of after sales support to attain customer satisfaction by keeping its systems up-to-date and meeting the state-of-the-art technology in the fast moving IT-world. Therefore Comsys has invested in building a highly qualified team of professionals who provide the required level of excellent technical support.

One of the most competitive advantages of Comsys Software is its remote maintenance system using different communication methods, Comsys is using that system to deliver quick response and high productivity to its customers while reducing cost and time. This system is enabling Comsys to provide support to its customers regardless their location considering globalization.

Comsys provides support for free during the warranty period and afterwards customer may sign a technical support agreement with Comsys against a reasonable amount to have its full support and the software updates.

+ Consultancy

Comsys Software has gained a wide network of consultants as a result of partnering with first class consultancy firms to be able to provide turn key projects comprising business analysis, operation requirements and GAP analysis. This enables the right recommendation for the most effective information system, full utilization of it in order to achieve the maximum return on IT investment .


Capitalizing on our business know-how, our products' consultants are highly qualified in general business procedures and are classified among different verticals each with its business requirements to assure successful implementation. We assure the most cost-effective operation from our customer's perspective and maximum utilization of the implemented software.

+ Customized Solutions

Comsys Software has proven itself in the past 25 years as one of the leaders in the area of tailored software packages due to its ability to write applications from scratch according to customer needs to fulfill their requirements. Due to our long experience in tailored systems, we have the qualified staff who knows a lot of know-how in so many different areas.