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Sunday, 08 July 2018 22:04

POS allows you to easily manage your restaurant’s delivery operations with our Delivery Dispatch system. Delivery Dispatch makes it easy to assign delivery orders to your Flyers and provide them with step-by-step instructions from your POS processes . If your restaurant experiences a high volume of delivery orders, Comsys POS Delivery Dispatch interface is your perfect choice!

  • Quickly add or remove Flyers to checks.
  • Mark and assign dispatch delivery orders.
  • View orders assigned to specific Flyers.
  • Integrated POS mapping interface.
  • Perfect for pizza and fast food delivery.
  • Ability to filter all outlet orders by assigned Zones.
  • Ability to display all check Data (Customer Phone and address & Check items & Check price & Check Status [Order- Printed- Out-Delivered or Closed]).
  • Ability to display flyers with their period interval as Hourly/minutely/secondly timer of order trip changeable with check status changes according to check timer or flyers trip checks timer.
  • Ability to Set flyers Available & Not Available by Signing in or out with trace for in/out Signing.
  • Ability to add customer comments to check and change comment status (New-Open-Closed-Cancelled)
  • Screen Taskbar indicators , shortcuts for showing count of Checks (Orders – Ready – Out – Delivered ) & Average delivery time & total revenue to orders.
  • Ability to create Cash box according to all outlet or to each flyer separately with option for add Cash out (Money to flyer for changes) & Cash In( Money from flyer to checks revenue)
  • Cash Box manage all day checks transaction with ability to open and close it anytime according to cash box installation so it’s a wallet collection all checks revenue for more flexibility to settle part of collected delivery checks or all of them.
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