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Minia University joined Comsys initiative aiming at delivering knowledge and providing vocational training for the students of the faculties of Tourism and Hotels

Monday, 14 March 2016 14:21

A continuation of Comsys Software Initiative, which aims at delivering knowledge and providing professional vocational-training on Comsys Hotel Management Solution (ULTRA – the Front Office Management Systems) for each of the faculty members and the college ancillary staff of all tourism and hospitality colleges in Egypt, who in turn will train the students later on, Comsys has signed a cooperation agreement with Tourism & Hotels Faculty / Minia University, and based on it the company will provide the faculty's laboratories with the required support in order to modernize the hotel management system "ULTRA", as well as Comsys agreed on supporting the Hotel which belongs to Minia university with the Hotel Management Solution and the training of the staff on it.

And the signing ceremony of the agreement had the honored to be witnessed from Comsys company by both of Mr. Hisham Dorgham , Comsys CEO and Mr. Sherif ElMasry , Board member and managing Director of Comsys, and from the university side by both of Prof. Dr. Jamal ElDein Abul Majd, Minia University President and Prof. Dr. Hassan Saad Sanad, Dean of Faculty of Tourism and Hotels.

Paying attention to the community & the challenges it faced, Comsys’ approach aims at the advancement of the community and developing the human elements through conducting training and capacity building of students. This is in turn will provide the labor market with distinguished calibers working in various fields, and specially in tourism and hotel sector according to the quality of the international standards, which would develop the human capacity, raise efficiency, improve job performance and increase productivity. 

Comsys Software has signed agreements of cooperation so far with faculties of tourism and hotels at both the Universities of Alexandria and Fayoum, in addition with King Marriott Academy in Alexandria.