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In collaboration with the Social Fund for Development and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development: "Comsys Software" took the initiative "women entrepreneurs" depending on its integrated technological solutions

Monday, 01 February 2016 13:10

Comsys Software company participates in business sectors software, among the women support "entrepreneurs" initiative, within the framework of the cooperation agreement that was signed by the Social Fund for Development, in collaboration with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development located in England, and the transformation fund of the Northern and Eastern African countries (Deauville), in order to promote women's participation in the ownership and management of small projects with the aim of increasing their income, thereby improving the living standards of the Egyptian families, along with upgrading projects level and enhance their capacities affecting the profitability, productivity and marketing of these projects. Also the program includes several fields including information technology and engineering solutions. Within the activities of the women support "entrepreneurs" initiative, Comsys software company signed a contract with the Chef International Company for Catering specialized in processing and provide ready-made meals to airlines, oil companies, factories, hospitals, ships and tourist villages, in order to provide back-office management systems, including customer accounts, the establishment of an integrated database for customers, cover all the possible movements, follow the debts of customers and bills payment, as well as wage and salary system and provide all monthly and annual reports to follow up on wages, taxes and insurance, and the movement of labor, in addition to storage system that allows the addition of an infinite number of goods, classifying them and follow-up purchase, sale and exchange movement and monitoring the expiration date, and extracting comprehensive reports and sales analysis, in addition to the public accounts systems, which fits with the accounting systems and recognized standards, so that it meets with all accounting uses with flexibility and speed and the possibility to access financial statements with more than one method, through a range of reports that are defined by the user. Eng Sherif El Masry the managing director of Comsys Software company, has assured that the company participation in this initiative will focus on two main themes, namely technical consultancy specializing in information technology projects, and providing advice for the business participating in the agreement about the best ways to use the information technology so that they arrive to their business goals and help them in decision-making and contributing in their performance enhancement and make recommendations to improve information technology system within the project, beside training the cadres of women and girls participating in the initiative, pointing to a number of company experiments that proved success in the field of training, especially in the faculties of tourism and hotels in both Alexandria and Fayoum Universities. And recently in the high institute of King Marriott / Department of Tourism and Hotels, where the company has adopted the initiative of training the students and teaching board members about hotel management systems in order to create distinct calibers and to qualify them to work in different areas and keep up with global changes in the belief of the company that the youth are the fuel of development in the next stage, and Comsys hopes for implementation of this initiative in all universities and educational bodies, as one of the strategic objectives that the company is preparing to apply during the next phase. He explained that the information technology tools are recently representing one of the most effective elements in the success of all the different services and productive sectors, and in this framework Comsys was able over 30 years to become a leader in the software industry through a range of solutions and applications that are designed specifically for customers according to the needs of all sectors on the level of the Egyptian market and the markets of the Arab countries, helping companies and various business sectors to achieve the highest investment profit through technological solutions provided by Comsys. Signing this agreement was witnessed by Ms. Suha Soliman Secretary-General of the Social Fund and European Bank representatives who praised the efforts of Comsys for the success of this initiative, customer service and providing technical consultation for them.