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Comsys Software Launches New Website

Monday, 05 October 2009 12:41

Comsys Software announced today the launch of its revamped website as a part of its re-branding efforts that started early last year.

“Effective branding strategy should be based on customer perceptions/expectations” said, Sherif El Masry - Managing Director of Comsys, Comsys re-branding strategy revolves around customer/prospect perceptions aiming at increasing customers loyalty, creating competitive advantage in the market, reaching prospects effectively while minimizing both pre sales and after sales risks, gaining more business partners, and finally attracting and retaining high calibers. Our website is an integral part of this strategy, added Mr. El Masry.

The redesign of our website now allows us to better inform our customers about our portfolio of products and services while more accurately reflecting our core brand’s values, look & feel, competencies and future vision. We've designed our website with our customers in mind, it reflects the feeling we have for our offerings and provides an easy navigation scheme so that customers can find what they are looking for and see what's new. We are thrilled and proud to have a website that meets the demanding needs of our customers and creates a real Comsys experience online, added Mr. El Masry.

If you visit you will find:

“Customers log-in” section: Enabling clients to easily create an account to find all services and product updates associated with their product update. Moreover, it helps creating a way where clients can contribute with their opinions about products and services they purchased.

“Testimonials” Section: where our clients can tell everyone about their experience with our products

“FAQ” section: Where clients can share tips & tricks of using their products more smoothly by sharing the experience of other users having the same product, the FAQ section is built on the clients’ questions and answers from our professional staff.

“Latest News” section: Also Comsys is engaging more with its clients to keep them always updated with Comsys latest news.

About Comsys Software

Comsys is a leading Egyptian software company established in 1984 that is committed to delivering a distinctive product with full, meaningful, accurate, reliable and available information to help making fact based decisions, and process improvement. During almost three decades of operation, Comsys was able to create strong roots and concrete name in the software market. Its range of services encompasses all aspects of systems' engineering including requirements, definitions, system development, system integration, documentation and training.