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CIT ranks “Ultra” as the No. 1 Multi-Property & Hotel Management Software in Egypt

Thursday, 24 September 2009 12:39

Chamber of Information and Technology (CIT) in Egypt ranks “Ultra” the Hotel management software (developed by Comsys Software S.A.E) as the No. 1 software solution in the hospitality sector in Egypt. This ranking was the output of the program “Increasing the competitive advantage of the local products” made by CIT in collaboration with Information Technology Industry Development Agency (IDITA).

The program comes as a part of Egypt’s national strategy that aims at increasing Egypt’s exports of IT products and services enabling Egyptian companies to compete worldwide.

A committee formed by CIT and IDITA consisting of Professors from Cairo and Ain-Shams Universities and Consultants from the industry, such as the Chairman of “Creative for Hotel Management” and the Marketing Director of “ACT”, for selecting the Egyptian IT companies in the hospitality sector to support them and increase their competitive advantage and raise their products to meet the international standards of the hospitality sector.

The Committee selected the product of Comsys Software S.A.E “Ultra” as the No.1 and the only product that can meet the international standards in the hospitality sector. As a result, a plan will be developed to maintain and develop the continuing progress of the product “Ultra” to bring it to the international standards. This plan will be supported and followed-up by CIT and ITIDA.

About Comsys Software

omsys is a leading Egyptian software company established in 1984 that is committed to delivering a distinctive product with full, meaningful, accurate, reliable and available information to help making fact based decisions, and process improvement. During almost three decades of operation, Comsys was able to create strong roots and concrete name in the software market. Its range of services encompasses all aspects of systems engineering including requirements, definitions, system development, system integration, documentation and training.