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Azur Hotels Selects Ultra Solution to streamline its chain operation in Egypt

Monday, 07 January 2008 12:17

The Azur Hotels is an Egyptian chain of hotels that was founded in 1997 by a group of professionals in the travel and hospitality industries, The Azur Hotels in Hurgada are a 5-Star deluxe resorts, -located less than one minute from Hurghada Airport- that have a complete range of facilities and services to accommodate domestic, regional and international flights.

The resorts consist of more than 5000 deluxe rooms, augmented by a superior service in all resorts on the Red Sea; that helped the chain to gain the confidence of both local and international clients and travel agents. 'Ultra streamlined the full operations of Azur Hotels by its state-of-the-art Front/Back office and point of sale' said Mr. Adel Abdel Karim, Sales Director –Comsys Software-,Ultra's fully integrated front and back office systems helped Azur to automate all its operations, it supports group and individual reservations, central reservation, full guest history, traces & comments, travel agents contracts & rate codes, automatic routing, allotments & committed reservations, market segments & source of business analysis, and full audit trail, Mr. Abdel Karim Added.

"Ultra centralized reservations in all branches for Azur Hotels", through its state-of-the-art 'Multi-property' handling feature, now all branches' reservation screens are in just one consolidated screen, head office reservation department can easily reserve in any branch remotely. Mr. Abdel Karim added. 'Localization and compact implementation cycle differentiate Ultra from other multinational vendors', we are facing a severe competition from multinational vendors in the Hotels Segment, but we usually win the game as we exceed customers expectation regarding the functionality of the system, ease of use, short processes and speed of the system during the operation, also we impress our customers with our short and effective implementation cycle, it took us only six weeks to fully implement the solution for Azur's 7 hotels, which would lead to faster ROI, we are also capable of adapting the solution easily according to customer needs and this is a highly competitive edge over other available products in the market, Added Mr. Abdel Karim. Our range of after sales services is our valueless competitive advantage', We believe that the relationship with our customers only begins by the sale, it’s a long term win-win relationship, we integrate the service factor in everything we do, that’s why we offer our customers a range of incomparable after sales services which include but not limited to; cost effective hardware utilization, six months free service contract, 24/7, Hotline, employees/users training, no hidden costs, our employees are perfectly trained to satisfy after sales needs, Mr. Abdel Karim added. Azur Egypt joins a list of a state-of-the-art Hotels who trust Ultra Solution throughout the Middle East including; Pegas hotels group, caribian world resort, sindbad group, three corner, sameh hoidak group, partner group, Emaar masr.

About Comsys Software Comsys is a leading Egyptian software company established in 1984 who is committed to delivering a distinctive product with full, meaningful, accurate, reliable and available information to help making fact based decisions, and process improvement. During almost three decades of operation, Comsys was able to create strong roots and concrete name in the software market. Its range of services encompasses all aspects of systems' engineering including requirements, definitions, system development, system integration, documentation and training.