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Comsys is one of the leading Egyptian software companies established in 1984. Its main objective is providing the market with business integrated software to enhance the ability of organizations to generate ad-hoc reports on a timely, accurate and comprehensive basis, thus supporting managers in their decision making process.
Comsys is committed to delivering a distinctive product with full, meaningful, accurate, reliable and available information to help making fact based decisions, and process improvement.
During almost three decades of operation, Comsys was able to create strong roots and concrete name in the software market. Its range of services encompass all aspects of systems' engineering including requirements, definitions, system development, system integration, documentation and training.

We believe that in today’s challenging business environment, firms must choose partners precisely, based on the value to be added to the relationship. Software is not a commodity, it is only as good as the company that stands behind it. Our Number-One-Priority at Comsys is customer satisfaction, So we are always keen to enable our customers to maximize the return on thier investments and to minimize the total cost of ownership. Thus, we believe that our success is the reasonable outcome from our customers' success.

User friendly, Scalability, Flexibility, Control and Manageability are the key elements to drive and monitor data flow through ours systems. A user friendly interface enables users to work smoothly on our systems with no barriers leading to successful implementations. Scalability enables system's adaptation to fulfill customer needs at different levels starting with a single location company using a modular system on step-by-step IT investment ending with a multi-location enterprise that utilizes a fully integrated solution with data consolidation in head quarters enabling single and group financials. Flexibility enables allocation of different resources and different calibers to work on our systems targeting maximum utilization through defining authorization for users based on unlimited user access matrix definitions. Control enables monitoring all user activities and tracking transactions on a user level. Manageability is the result.